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This 3-day retreat is for empty-nesters women who want to eliminate the physical and emotional pain they secretly know is limiting their lives.  


Being an empty-nester is one major SYMPTOM but they know there is more beneath it. They long to create the life they want.


Launch Your Third Act

A retreat for the mature woman who wants to move beyond the feelings of loss and anxiety that can come with an empty nest and
reinvent herself and her life.

A Women's Retreat for Personal & Uplifting Evolution

... from the inside out.

In this retreat, you will learn how to befriend yourself and move through this life transition in a state of contentment, instead of worrying when your grown child doesn’t answer your phone calls or tells you they have run out of their monthly allowance at college. You will find peace when reflecting how far you have come as a parent without lingering over guilt where you may have fallen short; you will release the feeling of being overwhelmed when pondering what’s next for you and gain clarity on what you want for this new chapter in your life.

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Does this sound familiar?

Your high school senior left for college. When you opened the fridge this morning, it looked empty with no signs of your favorite son’s or daughter's soda. Great! Now you don’t have to be tempted to take a can for yourself…but it also leaves you feeling empty inside.


There are fewer dishes to load in the dishwasher, which is one less chore for you to do… but at the same time, you feel empty-handed.


You pass by their silent bedrooms, gazing at their trophies stacked on the shelves, and your stomach sinks.


Fewer laundry baskets overstuffed with their sports gear, and there is no sign of shoe traffic in the hallway…great!  Well, that’s not really the way it feels inside.


Being the family taxi driver got old over the years, but now when you drive by the baseball field where they practiced, you miss it.  


Meanwhile…are they ok? You are uncertain about your teenager’s roommates, not knowing who their new friends are.


You worry if they get enough sleep, brush their teeth, eat healthy, and take their medication regularly. What if they get sick and you are so far away? 


Are they struggling with their classwork…do they even show up for all of the classes you paid for?


Has this swirl of grief and anxiety left you overwhelmed and lost as to what should be your next personal chapter? 


You have made them your priority for 18 years, but what is your priority now that they are gone?  Should you go back to school? Start a business? Pursue a hobby? Get more involved in community service? Or should you lose those 20 pounds you often think about? 

You are feeling guilty by putting yourself first and thinking you are a bad person if you prioritize yourself first.


You're Not Alone

All these feelings and thoughts an empty-nester goes through are natural, and most moms experience them. 


Do you remember when they were little, and their life depended on your presence? 


Do you recall the joy of cheering them on as they took their first steps, scored their first soccer goal, camped with their friends, or played their trumpet solo for the entire school? 


You loved every success, big or small, each step of their growth to their future independence. 


And all of a sudden, they graduate from high school, and they are gone! 


Even in a moment when your heart is full of parental pride, it can be challenging to navigate the unanticipated pressure you feel on two fronts–confronting the sudden void inside and trying to figure out your purpose in the world beyond being a mom.

Until now...

I am thrilled to introduce you to:

Launch Your Third Act

 It’s a 3-day retreat for the empty-nester woman who wants to move beyond the feelings of loss and anxiety that comes with an empty nest, and reinvent herself and this chapter of her life.
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It’s a retreat that will help you understand why your particular worries creep up and overwhelm you, and learn how to ditch the way these worries show up for good. 


You will be able to stop questioning your past performance as a parent. You will have the tools to create the best version of yourself as a mom of adult children, one that you will love. You will discover that it’s possible to move beyond your current sense of inner void that the empty nest can bring.  In contrast to being stuck, you will be able to create new feelings of aliveness, expansion, motivation, and joy that will open up a gateway for you to reinvent yourself, create the life you want, and thrive on a higher level.


You will discover how to create the life you want or dream about; you will launch the most exciting stage of your life, your Third Act. 

What’s the “Third Act” of life?  It’s easy to know as you look at what the first two acts are. The first one is about embracing education and youthful exuberance. The second act is about building a career and family.

Pursuing wisdom, self-actualization, and creating a legacy to take pride in is the Third Act of your life.

I have created this retreat because I am a successful businesswoman and an empty-nester myself. I have two grown-up sons who left for college. I, too, was overwhelmed by feelings of loss and anxiety as they left home, lived their college life, served their missions overseas, got married as students, and kept anxiously waiting for green cards for their spouses.

Olga's Personal Journey

As someone who is a transformation coach, and studied and practiced yoga for over 35 years, I should be a chill empty-nester, right? 


I'd be all set if yoga and meditation were all it took. 

I value yoga practices along with the foundational lifestyle elements of nourishing food, plenty of water, and prioritizing quality sleep. 

But…if these practices were all it took, I would have been the most chill empty-nester EVER. There’s more to living with true emotional health than what we do on our yoga mats, have on our plates, and when we go to bed. I suspect you know this, too, and have likely tried all of the above. Do they help? Of course. Is there more we can do to transform anxiety and the feeling of being overwhelmed? Absolutely…

I now live with a solid sense of who I am, trusting in my own potential and knowing what I want for myself. It’s taken some practice, showing up for myself, and making many small changes and commitments along the way.

And here’s what I know: this is possible for you, too. If you’ve had never-ending thoughts of what might go wrong with your adult children, wrestled with those feelings of nagging guilt that you “haven’t done enough,” and spent sleepless nights tossing and turning, wondering how to move on from being just another empty-nester to becoming a woman awake to life and living your full potential, then this course is absolutely for you.

The promise of a life without uncomfortable emotions? Not possible. But, they can be figured out. 


 I’m so glad you’re here.

Launch Your Third Act Retreat will help you tap into:

What Launch Your Third Act is NOT:

Each woman is unique and so is her source of inner emptiness and feelings of being overwhelmed. The retreat isn’t just another attempt to fix these two from the outside. 

The retreat is extraordinary and revolutionary in its unique way to teach you about the art of self-mastery over your daily mood. 


You will understand and handle inner emptiness from a lighter place and without fear or dread. However, the retreat is more than that. It is about creating a crystal-clear vision of what you want at this stage of your life and how to get it


It’s about finding a skip in your step that you have missed for some time. 


It will introduce you to the tools to ignite motivation, excitement, and confidence to rediscover yourself. 


It’s a retreat of personal and uplifting evolution from the inside out.


Why is the retreat a great choice for a woman-leader who has become an empty-nester? Because I will use three extraordinary skills that I have mastered and practiced over the past 35 years combined as a transformation coach and a yoga therapist. I will use these unique skills to help you process any feelings of emptiness and move on in your dream life. 

Join Launch Your Third Act

Create the life you want.

About Me - Your Host, Olga Campora

Olga has been trained and certified as a life coach through 'The Life Coach School,' an internationally-recognized institution. She coaches and mentors clients from all over the world. She holds a PhD. in Education from the T.G. Masaryk University in the Czech Republic. She is certified as an experienced yoga teacher (E-RYT 500+) and has practiced and taught yoga over the last 35 years. She has helped hundreds of clients who have suffered from back pain. Olga is also certified as a LifeForce Yoga Practitioner, a branch of yoga that focuses on helping people with anxiety and depression.


Olga grew up under communism in the former Czechoslovakia. She experienced anxiety first hand from an early age after being bullied and belittled by her communist elementary school teachers. As a teenager, her personal freedom was at risk when communist authorities threatened to put her in prison. She not only survived all this but was able to leave it behind, move on, and thrive in her life.


Her life coaching, mindfulness, and yoga teaching skills plus her unique life experience set her apart as someone who understands a wide range of life challenges and is able to meet her clients exactly where they are.  Now, in her new chapter as an empty-nester, she lives the life of her dreams as a life coach, helping clients in the US and abroad. Olga would love the same evolution for you – to find your Third Act and live the life you want - and she knows how to help you.

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Inside of the Retreat

Topic 1

Over come the low energy
"empty-nester" mindset

Topic 2

Drop the guilt of "putting yourself first" and thinking you're a bad person if you prioritize yourself first."

Topic 3

Create a healthy and loving relationship with yourself.

Topic 4

Find your new Purpose.

Topic 5

Become clear about what you want.

Our Location: Blue Mountain Retreat Center

Blue Mountain is convenient to both Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD – about 75 minutes total driving time – yet, after you arrive and settle in, you will feel like you have been transported to the middle of the forest. The secret is the 27 acres of mostly wooded land, just a mile downhill to the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers and the C & O Canal. The surrounding woods and water make for a peaceful winter getaway.

The retreat center shares 27 acres of property with Ehrhardt Organic Farm, which has been selling high quality, organic berries, vegetables, herbs and flowers to restaurants, at farmer’s markets and through their CSA (community-supported agriculture) since 1981. Beth prepares delicious, organic home-cooked meals, sourced from her farm as much as possible, to retreat participants. Vegan and gluten-free options are available.

Therapeutic massage appointments are available on-site by a licensed massage therapist upon request. Massage cost is $85/hour.  (Appointments made and charged separately).

Join us at our Launch Your Third Act Retreat!

It's a retreat that will help you understand why your particular worries creep up and overwhelm you, and learn how to ditch the way these worries show up for good.

(includes 3 Days/2 Nights at the Blue Mountain Retreat Center)

May 9th 2024 12 Noon to May 11th 2:30PM

Knoxville 1032 Hoffmaster Road, Knoxville MD 21578 USA

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