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40 years of building healthy spines


My unique approach

I have always enjoyed helping others to feel empowered in their body and mind. Yoga can be a double-edged sword -- especially in the current subculture around many yoga class offerings and yoga styles that can make the chronic pain rather worse than better. As an accomplished yoga teacher with 40 years of yoga teaching success, I have mastered a unique yoga approach for treating chronic back pain.

Providing you with a proven process


Knowing what's the best yoga approach for those who suffer with back pain. Choosing yoga poses that are uniquely tailored to address chronic back pain.


You don’t have to figure which pose is good for you and which you need to entirely dismiss.


Rather than working only on part of the body that hurts, you will learn breathing and meditation techniques that support your physical healing and reduce stress and anxiety- which can contribute to back pain. 

Meeting you on your personal fitness level and taking a step by step approach to make you stronger and flexible.


Building the necessary core and spinal muscles that need to be strengthened and stretched to start feeling ease in the back.

Awaken the natural spine curves and bring a healthy vertebrae alignment to optimize the nerve supply to promote better health.


A little bit about me...

We all have a special mission in our lives and I truly believe that mine has been for the past 40 years to help people who suffer with back pain to use proven yoga tools to awaken, strengthen and mobilize the spine while discovering a personal joyful empowerment to be alive! 

I grew up in a communist Czechoslovakia. My father worked at a local car repair shop and struggled greatly with back pain. As a kid, I remember that he would come home from work with an excruciating back pain, laying down on his stomach and asking me if I could gently “walk” with my tiny feet on his back to release some pressure and pain he experienced. Even being so little, I was so happy when his pain was elevated with “my walk on his back”.  I guess already at that early age, it felt good inside to be a helper and release my dad’s pain.  

Otakar Vojkuvka.jpg

When I was 19, I met a great Czech yoga master, Mr. Otakar Vojkuvka. After just taking the first yoga class, I felt an enormous sense of joy and mind empowerment that the ancient yoga practice offers. I knew without any doubt that yoga will remain with me the entire rest of my life. And it did!  I became the very first yoga teacher in my small hometown Uherské Hradiště and taught hundreds of people how to use yoga to alleviate back pain and feel alive again.


Besides practicing yoga, I have always been an active athlete. As I hit my late 30’s and early 40’s, my body started complaining. First, it was my knees and then, I experienced my first lower back pain and learned that I had a herniated disk in my lower back. It was a first wake up call when I realized that I was pushing my body a bit too hard but still I wanted to maintain my active athletic life. The inner battle began. It took me much longer to become more kind and gentle to my back and find the right approach to feel and remain active and free to enjoy life to its fullness.

"My own experience with eliminating back pain led me down the path of further study, so that I could help others eliminate their back pain too. For the past 25 years, I've studied with world renowned teachers so that I could share these teachings with people just like you . . . Whether you feel like you've tried everything else and are at the end of your rope, or are trying to proactively avoid a worsening of your current condition, I believe my approach can you help feel better AND live a more joyful life."  My approach to back pain is unique in a sense that I teach my students to awaken their spine and empower the mind while taking on specific yoga principles that address the pain issues. The approach comes back to my personal mantra, “People are that they might have joy!”

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