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8-Week Freedom from Back Pain Course Outline

Each week will progress through 4 areas:

  1. Mobilize and Stretch -- each weekly practice starts by mobilizing the body first. This helps to increase circulation and hydration to all the joints, muscles, and connective tissues and helps to gently warm the body from the inside out. This will help you to prepare to stretch key muscle groups that are key areas of tension for back pain.

  2. Core Strength -- each week you will have a new core/spine strengthening/stabilization movement to learn. Because your core supports your spine, strong abdominal muscles take the pressure off your back and help align your spine.

  3. Breath -- you will learn very basic breathing techniques that will help you not only engage your abdominal muscles but also will tremendously help you to relax your mind and lower stress.  Breathing properly leads to relaxation of the body and the muscles in the lower back.

  4. Lifestyle -- during the course, each week you will be introduced to simple but science proven tools for both- body and mind--on how to lower your current stress levels. When stress manifests physically, it causes us to tighten our muscles, particularly the muscles around our shoulders and down our spine.

How it's going to be done:



We will have 1 weekly 45 min yoga session.



Each week we will issue lifestyle missions for the group. Think about these as a homework you choose and want to do. As you complete these missions, you will find yourself becoming stronger in the entire lower back region and will start experiencing less pain/discomfort and more sense of empowerment physically and mentally.



Your daily practice is absolutely essential to the success of having back free of pain. Your practice will change and grow as you change and grow through the course. These practices are yoga-based movements and meditations that we will do every morning upon waking up right after we go to the bathroom.  Before our day (and our thinking) get hold of us, we will take the time to do our practice, attune ourselves, and thereby set ourselves up for the best day possible. Each time we do a new yoga practice, I will upload a video of me practicing the particular movements and/or meditations to the portal for you to follow.



You will use it during the live calls and also for your weekly lifestyle missions.  Journaling helps you gain a different perspective on life, on your past & your emotions. It allows you to explore the right side of the brain and understand things that you can't access through reflection and rational thought.


(The 8-week online course meets once a week for a 45 min practice session that is focused on flexibility and core work.)

Each practice session will be recorded. If you cannot make it to the live-stream, you will receive a link with the recorded class.

Weeks 1 through 8

WEEK 1: Wake Up and Harness the Power of Your Morning Practice

WEEK 2: Breathe -The Link between Breathing and Posture

WEEK 3: The Mind's Relationship with Muscles of the Lower Back

WEEK 4: Slow Down - The Art of Relaxation

WEEK 5: Poor Life Habits versus Healthy Life Habits

WEEK 6: Trust the Journey

WEEK 7: Live in the Present Moment

WEEK 8: Trust the Journey Ahead

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