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The course starts on Thursday, October 26th and goes until November 16th, 2023. 


There are a total of 4 classes.

We will meet online via Zoom once a week, on Thursdays at 5:00 pm EDT.

Each class is 60 minutes long.

All 4 classes will be recorded and you will get a lifetime access to all the yoga, breathing, meditation and mindfulness practices that will be taught in the course.

Each class includes the following areas of focus:

​1. Yoga Practice [30 minutes]

2. Breathing Technique [10 minutes]

3. Mindfulness Meditation [5 minutes]

4. Body and Mind Self-Care  [15 minutes]

The yoga classes are focused on poses that support joints, spine, the immune system and help to lower stress. The breathing techniques include practices that help you to focus, to calm yourself if overwhelmed or anxious. Simple short meditation practices will cultivate calmness, openness and will foster patience for yourself and others.  

In the Body and Mind Self-Care you will get clarity on how to be around those "not so easy" people during the holidays. You will learn mindful ways to be kind to your body and will be empowered towards mindful eating during this food-centric time of the year. 

You will create a personal holiday manifesto, detailing how you wish to show up for yourself and others this holiday season so that you can communicate and be with  others in kindness, compassion and unconditional love.

There is power when you are within a community, supported by others, working together on a similar goal. It helps you stay highly motivated, upbeat and connected to others and yourself in a powerful way.

What if I cannot attend all of the live classes and will have to miss some.?

NO PROBLEM!  If you miss a class, the recording will be sent to you the same day of the class.


The Course Value:  $2,200

  • Therapeutic and Professional Yoga Teaching $600,

  • Breathwork and Meditation Teaching $400

  • Mindfulness Teaching $1200


The Course Cost: $400

Register today and pay $149! TODAY ONLY!

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