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Intermediate Courses

Intermediate Foundations 2021

Hatha Yoga (Alignment Based) Online Course

January 8th through March 5th 2021

75-minute classes @ $200 

Equipment needed: mat, bolster, 2 blocks, blanket, belt

Drop in: $20

All the classes will be taught online via Zoom. 

NEW:  Each class will be recorded and you will have life-time access to the course.   


The Intermediate Foundations Course provides beginners with an entry point into the intermediate level weekly classes. The weekly Zoom online classes in this course is taught at a “a new to intermediate student" level. Each class is 75 minutes in length and covers a different group of key poses. This ensures enough time to cover the full range of yoga poses in depth.


Completion of this course will provide you with a strong foundation from which you can start to explore the broader range of more complex intermediate-plus level classes in the future.


Who is this course for?

  • Individuals who have just completed any beginner yoga course or a program in the past or who have studied directly with Olga for at least 3 months.

  • Those who would like a structured, with many modifications, intro to intermediate level classes.


How will this course help me? 

This course will provide you with a detailed and structured introduction to learning hatha yoga (alignment based yoga) at the intermediate level. It will help you to build enough experience, familiarity and confidence with your practice so that you can start exploring beyond the basic beginner yoga poses and find a new joy of practice on an intermediate level.


What do I get from this course? 

  • A comprehensive and structured intro at the intermediate level

  • Essential foundations and key principles for your yoga journey

  • Step by step tracking of your progression through the course

  • Email reminders to keep you motivated and on track

  • Email support from your teacher


Intermediate Course Outline

Image by Phillip Larking

Standing Poses

Image by Phillip Larking

Forward Bends


Image by Phillip Larking

Back Bends

Image by Phillip Larking

Twisting Poses and

Core Strengthening


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