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Healthy Pelvic Floor Yoga Solution

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The pelvic floor muscles are a small group of muscles with a huge job: they help support your posture and your internal organs, they keep you dry and leak-free, and they're an integral part of sex. But have you ever really thought about your pelvic floor? Do you know how to keep these muscles strong and healthy? If you're like most people, the answer is "no." Although as many as 1 in 3 women deal with bladder leakage and 50% of postpartum women experience some degree of pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic health is taboo and often associated with shame and embarrassment. People rarely work with this part of their body because they don't know how, and they don't know that there's help. You might have been told to "do your Kegels," but what does that mean? What are Kegels, and are you doing them right? There's a better way. You can feel confident and vital for life by building awareness and safely strengthening your pelvic floor with exercises above and beyond Kegels, and this workshop offers a proven step-by-step method to help. There's no need to suffer in silence, to think that the only option is surgery or medication, or to just live with the expense, hassle, and environmental impact of disposable incontinence protection products. With the side-benefit of better sex and a more toned and lifted core, what's not to love?

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